The Black Prince

POWER . Since the dawn of man’s existence, no single trait has been more widely cherished and yet so rarely attained. Those who have achieved this illusive right are few in number, often loved, feared, and envied like gods among men. Some are born into power, while others forge their own destiny with blood and sweat. Although time may pass, man’s hunger for power remains unchanged, and it is only the names of the great that shall live forever. As the kings and queens of this modern world pass, we make a dawn of new power. A coming of a golden age with a fresh lineage of riches and royalty. An era of privilege and decadence like nothing the world has ever known. A time when all that a man has is what he creates for himself. And it is only the man with supreme strength and hunger that shall rise to greatness. It is this man that shall forever “Reign with Power”, the Black Prince.


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